When I was pregnant, I read a lot of articles. I was obsessed with pregnancy, children, car seat safety, etc. After all my reading, I decided attachment parenting was just going to end up my style. Luckily for me, my daughter always wanted to be held, she always wanted to be touching someone, and loved the carrier. The carrier, we used an ergo, was a life saver for months. So we co-slept. Naps and night time.

Fast forward, to two kids and I now, or then, I just wasnt sure it was the right move. I started reading a lot and finding more of where I now, felt/feel my parenting landed with. I learned about Janet Lansbury and Magda Geber, and the idea that children are whole people from birth.

We are currently trying to break the co-sleeping slowly. I do know my children and as a personal thing, I chose to not rip the bandaid off on this one. But it is working. As I have begun to completely empower my children by letting them go at their own pace, listening to them, and attempting to listen to my children’s temper tantrums instead of reacting, it does seem to work.

Recently my daughter has started to hangout upstairs by herself. She will also stay on the couch after falling asleep, even if I get up and use the restroom or switch rooms. My son, is now okay going to sleep without me and will stay with his father instead of running away.

While our arrangements seem very disconnected, they are what is currently working for our family. It is a slow process especially when it’s very easy to forget and react instead of accepting. But I am more at peace with my parenting than I ever have been before.

“When you hold an infant, hold him not just with your body, but with your mind and heart.” Magda Gerber


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